Sarvian Consulting have been involved in Software Industry for over 3 decades. Our primary focus has been on  working with new technology and developing new applications as proof of concept, prototypes and customizing a solution. We have also offered our consulting skills in one of these four roles – a Strategist, a Catalyst, a Connector, and a Creator.

As a Strategist, we love to find answers to complex problems. We are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom and suggest new approaches. We are also quick studies of unfamiliar industries and concepts. We also distill abstract information into compelling insights that a client can easily understand.

As a Catalyst,  we understand how to get things done. We have organizational skills and love knowing everything is on time, on budget and of the highest standard. We lead by example and inspire people to do their best work and exceed client’s expectation.

As a Connector, we know how to shape great content and sell a story. We work with you to build a Personal Brand, that will help your career or identity. We also keep tab on what’s new and coming up soon.

As a Creator, we know how to pull the best ideas out of the people and shape them into something – proof of concept, prototype, words and images.. We are comfortable making decisions without all the information. We embrace what is original and different.

Please give us a call to explore your needs and determine the type of problem your are trying to solve. We will be able to help!