Personal Branding

“Personal Branding” for our clients involves the Executive Business Coaching to grow a business and / or to develop a professional career.  A successful Personal Branding program raises the reputation of a business organization, that is to create a presence with a combination of Internal Identity and External Image! However an Organization can not be successful unless their employees actively gets engaged to build a Personal Brand that raises employee visibility, internal mobility, professional growth and career development. An individual’s expression of identity  is communicated through the skills, actions, values, and beliefs, which are then interpreted by others. This interpretation process leads to the perception of the individual’s external image and also influence the identity of the individual. The extent with which the individual’s communications are interpreted consistently across multiple stakeholders reflects that individual’s reputation. The reputation is then perpetuated as an environmental factor that will lead to a set of outcomes for the individual’s career.  This process can be undertaken by an individual with or without the participation of the organization!  We work with an organization or an individual  in developing and implementing a Personal Branding  program.

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